Steer Clear Photo Gallery
354 Hemi, dropped I-beam axle, early Mustang box, and a 14" Steer Clear
Steer Clear increased the
legroom in this 46 Ford of
American Pastimes
Jerry Kugel (of Kugel Komponents) mounted a 12"
Steer Clear on the inside of the firewall
Ken E.'s 33 Vicky
       Bill D.'s 26 T Coupe
Converted to a roadster, it has a built Chevy 406
and a 16" Steer Clear.
Bill plans on taking the car to Bonneville and said "The reason I
wanted your steering modification is for very positive steering,
and if I should hit 200 mph,I need something that I can rely on".
Blades's used a 12" Steer Clear in this Dearborn Deuce and
according to Brian, "It works great".
Tom's 29 Model A
John D.'s  45 COE
Tom's 56 F-100 PU
Lincoln engine,
Fatman chassis,
Rack & pinion,
and a  14”
Steer Clear
Before: The column
sits in the way so
there's no legroom
350 Chevy engine, tube
straight axle, Maval Unisteer
box, and a 14" Steer Clear
After: Raising the
column increased
Jim P.'s Installation
Past Projects
When quality counts, steer clear of problems with
"Steer Clear"
Built to last a lifetime, by hot rodders, for hot rodders.
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4.6L DOHC Lincoln engine, Fatman independent  
rack & pinion suspension & a custom 8" Steer Clear
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Wizard Fabrication
Steer Clear
Patent Pending
Hot Rods & Custom Stuff
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Bill's 23 Track T Roadster
With a 14" Steer Clear
Ray drove his Foose-built 34 Ford from Southern California to Sacramento to have us install  Steer Clear -
and Ray is 6' 7" !
Tom's  27 Model T
Before:  Like most street rods, usable floor space is reduced by the position
of the steering column. As a result, the driver is left with very little foot room
and a steering wheel that has an awkward feel to it.
After:  Raising the column gave Ray the room he needed for his legs & feet.
Changing the steering wheel angle gave it a natural & comfortable feel. After
the long drive home, Ray said "it drives like a BMW & feels like a luxury car.
I was surprised to find Steer Clear has eliminated my steering vibration".
"I put Steer Clear in all three of my customs and it was the best thing I could have done.
The benefits are unbelievable! People always ask me how it feels, what it's like to drive  
with this steering set up. All I can say is smooth. So smooth that you never know it's there".
Blade's Rod Shop
HRCS award-winning 32 at The 2007 Grand National Roadster Show in Pomona, CA.,
Jerry Kugel's Muroc Roadster
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Speed & Custom built this custom 1939 Ford Roadster for Top Fuel Funny Car driver Tony
Pedregon. They used a 14" Steer Clear seen mounted on the outside of the firewall.
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Speed & Custom Center  -  "Project Q-ROD"
               HRCS 1932 Ford "Dearborn Deuce" Roadster
Randy Clark, owner of HRCS said, "Steer Clear makes it easy to keep your steering linkage
simple and clean and it reduces the number of u-joints needed to get around tough problems".
Click the link below to see images of this car as it was built
Steer Clear seen
mounted for the
engine mock-up.