Steer Clear Is Your Complete Solution to Steering Clearance Problems!

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Q. What's Inside Steer Clear? How Is It Made?

A. Steer Clear is made using 3/4" 36 splined input & output shafts. Each shaft is machine welded to a
21- tooth laser cut steel sprocket. Each shaft has two radial ball bearings on it which are held with metal
retaining rings. We use R12-2RS bearings - single row radial conrad-type steel bearings w/double seals.
These bearings are pre-lubricated and never require additional lubrication.

For Steer Clear's housing we had a custom die made which was then used to make our extruded tube. The
housing is 6060 T5 aluminum that is cut, formed, welded, and machined to our specifications. The
four bearing caps are C & C machined from 6061 T6 aluminum.

Next we use a #35 ANSI approved single strand, continuous (no master link), preloaded, riveted steel roller
chain. After the chain is assembled, preloading aligns the various chain components which helps to eliminate
initial elongation and increase the usable service life of the chain. The chain we use has an average tensil
strength of 2,134 lbf.

There are four preset chain tensioning guides cut from a sheet of 1" thick Ultra High Molecular Weight (UHMW)
Polyethylene. UHMW is a linear high density polyethylene averaging 3.1 - 6 million molecular weight which has
high abrasion resistance as well as high impact strength. UHMW is also chemical resistant and has a low
coefficient of drag which makes it highly effective in a variety of applications, including it's use in Steer Clear.
UHMW is 6 times more abrasion resistant than steel and virtually unbreakable.

UHMW Characteristics:
• The highest abrasion resistance of any thermoplastic polymer
• Easily machined / fabricated and requires no maintenance
• An excellent sliding material due to low coefficient of drag
• Self-lubricating (non-caking and sticking)
• Outstanding impact strength even at very low temperatures
• No cold embrittlement, works from -155ºF to + 200ºF.
• Absorbs no water and is impervious to most chemicals
• Doesn't chip, peel, crack or rot.
• Non conductive, nonmagnetic, and non-fibrous.
• FDA and USDA approved

Q. What About Backlash In The Chain? How Much Is There?

A. There is no backlash in the chain. We set the tensioning guides during assembly which allows us to
eliminate backlash, and every unit is carefully inspected and tested before being shipped.


Q. Do I Ever Need To Adjust The Tension?

A. No. There are no external adjustments. A lot of engineering went into the design of Steer Clear to make
it maintenance free with a lifetime warranty.

Q. Has It Been Tested?

A. Steer Clear was designed to work in addition to your existing steering system. Realizing the importance
of that system, we have carefully tested, and continue to randomly test our product. Before assembly, the chain
is measured and the four tensioning guides are measured and weighed. Once fully assembled, we mount Steer
Clear to a test stand and run it on a machine that spins it forwards and backwards (switching directions
randomly) at 1,500 rpm's for about 100 hours. (This translates into roughly 9 million revolutions, or a whole lot
of steering). After running it for 100 hours, we measure and inspect all internal parts. What we consistently find
is that there is no measurable difference on any parts.

Q. What Length Do I Need?

A. Because there are so many variables involved, it is almost impossible for us to tell you which length will
work best in your car. On any vehicle, the first thing you should determine is where you want the steering
column comfortably located. Next, determine where the shaft needs to go to clear the engine, headers, motor
mounts, etc. The difference between these two things will tell you the offset. What we suggest is using a
wooden 2x4 for the mach up as it's about the same size as the Steer Clear case.

1) Start off sitting inside the car and determine where the steering wheel feels most comfortable to you. From
there, determine where you want the steering column located and make a mark at the point where you want it
to go through the firewall. Keep in mind the goal isn’t necessarily to get the steering column as horizontal as
possible but to get it off of the floor and away from your feet.

2) Now in the engine compartment, determine the best position for the steering shaft so you can clear your
headers, motor mounts, etc., and mark this point on the firewall. Steer Clear should be mounted in a position
that allows the best lower shaft alignment to the steering box using the least amount of u-joints.

The distance between the two marks you've made will determine what size you will need.
We have 5 sizes: 8, 10, 12, 14 & 16.

And if you order the wrong size just let us know and we'll be happy to exchange it for you at no charge.


When quality counts, steer clear of problems with "Steer Clear"
Built to last a lifetime, by hot rodders, for hot rodders.

Steer Clear makes it possible for you to raise or drop the steering shaft, move it over or change the angle, options tha
increase clearance so you can fit just about any engine you choose. It also eliminates the clearance problems related
to motor mounts, starter & header location.

Steer Clear makes it possible!